28 février 2015

Fresh pile

Ohhh the lovely feeling of a fresh new pile of fabrics.... I used to visit my favourite fabric shop about 3 times a year but with looking full time after Lilly the visits have been rare. I manage once a year. So imagine what an event it is for me (!). With Maxime agreeing to play hide and seek in the shop with her (!!), I got a bit of time to myself to browse and make my choice. These fabrics are mainly for some clothes for Lilly (the spring will happen at some point....) and house projects. So with the new fabrics out came the... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2015

Happy Valentine....late

Little presents from Lilly to her brother, sister and Daddy.... Inspiration for the cards from Pinterest (where I spend too much time!) Petits cadeaux de Lilly a son frere, sa soeur et son papa...Inspiration pour les cartes de Pinterest (ou je passe trop de temps!)
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22 janvier 2015

Happy new year...!

I seem to have left another long gap since my last post.... So what happened here? I might go in reverse from now back to September... A day a the time.... J'ai encore laisse passe trop de temps depuis mon dernier post...Mais que c'est-t-il donc passe ici? Je vais vous raconter a l'envers en commencant par maintenant, c'est plus simple.... January is (and has always been), tidy up and maintenance month....so bags and bags of unwanted stuff are headed to the charity shop, the admin is in order (!) and walls are being painted.  ... [Lire la suite]
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19 juin 2014

Craft Fair

J'y serai!/I'll be there!
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01 août 2013


Today was a hard day... As my back is in limbo, I am trying to entertain my children as I so love doing in the holidays, except that today there are lots of things my boby won't do. And there is the week in France looming where my mum's house needs empyting... I am already filled with dread ... And there are people in the family I was hoping to get closer to but I guess they might not need my closeness. So there I am, trying to be a mum, and grandparents to my children giving them all the warmth that was missing in my chilhood, but... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2013


Sophie a envahi le Grande Bretagne! Et elle se fait bouffer tout pareil qu'en France finalement... Sophie (a very French baby toy) has invaded Great Britain! And just like in France, it is being eaten alive...
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09 janvier 2013

Thing 3

Parceque la vie c'est comme ca... apres un malheur, un bonheur.... Thing 3 est arrivee plutot rapidement le 31 decembre. Elle est trop mignonne, et tres relax jusqu'a present Because that's what life is like... after loosing my mum, happiness in the shape of Thing 3 who arrived rather quickly on the 31st of December. She is really cute and so far quite chilled out  
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06 décembre 2012


Voila, plus de maman... Pourtant nos relations n'etaient pas faciles, surtout depuis que la maladie ait eu l'emprise sur elle, moi qui voulait la proteger d'elle meme et elle qui voulait a tout prix rester independante... Au revoir. That's it, no more mother.... Our relation wasn't easy, especially since the illness had taken hold of her, me trying to protect her from herself and her fighting to stay independant... Goodbye. il y a 6 ans/ 6 years ago
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21 novembre 2012


Do you Makey Makey? The perfect geeky present... Est-ce que vous Makey Makey? Le cadeau parfait pour le geeky...    
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13 novembre 2012

Le matin

Lumiere du matin..... Cherchez l'intruse, qui devrait etre en train de prendre son petit dejeuner.... Morning light.... Spot the little one who should having her breakfast by now...!
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