15 mai 2008


Just because camping is the new black.... You need the t-shirt!Juste parce que la camping c'est le nouveau noir... il faut le t-shirt!
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24 avril 2008


For those who are wondering what happened to the skulls ans crossbones I was cutting a while back, here they are: Pour ceux qui se demanderaient ce que sont devenues mes tetes de mort borgnes, les voila: Il y en a même qui vont se faire la malle des demain....
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16 mars 2008

Feeling green

I have been busy moving my sewing stuff to the spare room after 3 years in a corner of the living room. Well it started in the corner but quite quickly I was spreading everywhere.... and it wasn't possible anymore. I will take some photos but as usual I did things the wrong way around i.e. moving my stuff before painting (it is magnolia at the moment, not us, the previous owners!). So it needs painting, a roman blind for the window, a nice light, pretty pictures on the walls.... Well you get the picture. Should be my July project when... [Lire la suite]
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22 décembre 2007

Nearly there

Do you remember my to do list? Well, I am proud to report that I am more or less on schedule which is a miracle. Well I was until last night when I wen to pick up my mum at the airport. She started by missing her plane so picking her up later meant that I missed out on a Christmas dinner then a lot worst happen. She came back to my place with the wrong suitcase. So this means no clotles or toiletries for her but most importantly none of the vital medication she needs to take every day... Joy, joy, joy. We have yet to locate the... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2007


Right this is what I have to do in the next 10 days (the kids are off school after that so no chance to progress any further): - Buy all but 2 presents - Buy food for 20 people and 10 meals (that one is scary) - Tidy up the house to host the 20 people above - Finish sewing for a sale in 3 days time - Make some Chirstmas presents - Get a Chirstmas tree - Do some decorations with the kids - Make a nativity play costume - Get drunk at various Christmas dinners - Etc, etc.... And what do I choose to do... [Lire la suite]
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30 octobre 2007


Are you reday for it? WE ARE! Est ce que vous etes pret? Parceque nous OUI! When my little one drew a pumpkin (or punkin according to her) and said: Mummy? Can you put it on a t-shirt for me?? Well...of course I can. So here's her design. Quand ma petite a dessine une citrouille et me dit: Maman? Tu me le met sur un t-shirt? Oh bah oui evidement. Donc c'est le design de la demoiselle.
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22 octobre 2007

5 ans

Little customisation for my daughter's 5 year old little friend (my daughter's friends are starting to turn 5, help!!). Both kids are off this week which means less bloging time but more mummy time, yes! Petite custo pour les 5 ans d'une copine de ma fille (les copines de ma fille commencent a avoir 5 ans, au secours!!). Mes deux loulous sont en vacances cette semaine se qui veut dire moins de temps a bloger mais plus de temps pour etre maman, yes!
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18 juin 2007

Watch for pirates!

A little bit about my weekend: BBQ with friends with imported merguez. For those who don't about them, they are the most delicious spicy lamb sausages coming from the north of Africa. They are readily available everywhere in France but I have never found the real thing where I live in Britain. So when I go to france I stuff the cool bag with sausages and bring them back here to freeze ready for a BBQ (I know its very sad but oh so worth it!) Un petit mot sur mon week-end: Barbecue avec des copains avec des vrais merguez. Oui des... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007


What do you do when your little girl has outgrown her favourite pair of jeans? A little custo and voila a three quarter length pair of trousers. Homemade top with left over linen. Homemade pattern (which fits, I am very proud!) inspired by Vestiaire de Jeanne. Qu'est qu'on fait quand le jean prefere de votre fille est (vraiment) trop petit? Une petite custo et voila un pantacourt. Le haut est fait maison avec un reste de lin. Patron fait maison (et ca lui va, je suis tres fiere!) inspire de Vestiaire de Jeanne.
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06 juin 2007

Wardrobe refashion

My post for wardrobe refashion Mon post pour wardrobe refashion Ingredients: Left over fabric from a different project Cheap t-shirt Fabric pencils A very talented artist Mix well and tah dah: Picasso, eat your heart out! (je sais pas traduire ca en francais, la honte!)
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