25 mai 2007


A little dress picked up at a car bootsales for nothing got "the treatment" Une petite robe achetee a une foire a tout pour rien du tout est passee par la machine a coudre! arrggh, je sais pas pourquoi mes photos ont le mal de mer. Si quelqun a une idee, help please
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12 mars 2007


I thought that I should create a new categorie because I have realised that I do a fair amount probably worth mentioning: Customisation. And I love it because as I mentioned in an earlier post it's fast and satisfiying. It's ideal if like me you have a lot of hand me downs or if you spend far too much time in car boot sales. Because the clothes are free or very cheap, it does not really matter if the custo goes wrong! Je rajoute une categorie car finalement, j'en fait pas mal de la custo. Et j'adore car comme je l'ai deja dit dans... [Lire la suite]
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