14 juin 2009


2 photos qui resument bien un w/e tranquille. 2 photos summing up a chill w/e. Challenge Poppy
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14 juin 2009


They have just been born at apple Juice and they are looking for lovely and welcoming home.Elles viennent juste de naître chez Apple Juice et elles cherchent des maisons douces et accueillantes.
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12 juin 2009


There this friend. She has stronger and stronger allergic reactions to certain foods. The thing is that she is a single mum to two children. We friends are worried. So she got a little kick in the butt to go to the doctor. Result, a few essentials for her to carry at ALL time. Where do I come in you wonder (yes ok probably not...). A nice little case to carry all that in style.J'ai cette copine. Elle a des reactions alergiques a certain aliments qui sont de plus en plus fortes. Le truc c'est qu'elle est maman celibataire de deux... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2009


Dans ma cuisine pour Fees Maison In my kitchen for Fees Maison
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10 juin 2009


The blog world is great. See, thing 2 has done this drawing about 6 month ago, and I loved her little rainy cloud, and promised her I would turn it into a mobile.... Don't get me wrong, I honour my promises, it is just the time scale that often goes wrong. But then comes along Lila with a challenge called "rain". So you guess what happens next. Thanks to these blog shake, I get to finish some long started projects.Le monde des blogs est genial des fois. Voila, il y a 6 mois, thing 2 me dessine des adorables nuages plein de... [Lire la suite]
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08 juin 2009


Ça aurait du être mon HSE et mon cadeau de fête des mères mais j'avais pas reçu les photos a temps, alors ça sera mon Happy Monday Evening...Dimanche je courais pour cette cause. Ma toute premiere course a pied (5km) et armee des conseils d'une pro ca c'est super bien passe. Cette course exculsivement feminine a bien fait rire monsieur British qui m'a dit ne jamais avoir assiste a une course a pied ou ca papotait autant! Bah oui, tu mets 3000 nanas ensemble... It should have been my HSE and mother's day present but I did not get the... [Lire la suite]
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07 juin 2009


Couture entre filles pour PoppyGirl's sewing for Poppy
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05 juin 2009

cool dude

Thing 1 can't sleep, he finds it soooo hard to fall asleep. His mind is still racing when his body would like a rest. And an very active mind makes you hot (didn't you know that?!). So, a lighter pyjama was in order. Did it work? No. In the meantime he loves it (unlike his little sister who looks at my handmade things with enormous suspicion...). Tips welcome (for the sleep thing!).Thing 1 ne peux pas dormir, l'endormissement est treeees difficile. Son cerveau va toujours a toute vitesse quand son corp voudrait bien se reposer. Et un... [Lire la suite]
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04 juin 2009


J'ai rien a me mettre is a monthly challenge, last month was the black dress this month is the liberty challenge. As I missed last month's one, I combine the two this month. A tunique for a family reunion in the sun. J'ai rien a me mettre est un challenge mensuel, le mois dernier c'etait la robe noire et ce mois de juin le Liberty. Comme j'ai loupe le mois dernier, je cummule les deux ce mois ci. Une tunique pour une reunion de famille au soleil.
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03 juin 2009


I truly recommend this destination. Views to die for, fantastic food, nice people.... just a tiny bit expensive. Nine photos among the...250 taken. How great it is to travel with a 9 year old and a 6 year old. They are amazed at everything, never bored they enjoy trying new food, they can swim, their relative independance means that you can relax a little. Thanks thing 1 and 2 for being so great.Je recommande cette destination. Des vues a mourir, superbe nourriture, des gens sympas.... juste un peu cher. Neuf photos parmi.... les 250... [Lire la suite]
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