03 avril 2008

WIP kitsch

Little kitscherie for Lila which I unfortunately could not finish as I am going on holidays tomorrow. So there is the unfinished version! This sample is an attempt at layered applique which I have learned in a very fun lesson I have been attending tonight. Petite kitsherie pour Lila malheureusement pas fine et comme je pars en vacance demain je vous met la version pas finie! Ce petit bout est une tentative d'applique en couche un truc appris dans un petit cours auquel je vais qui est bien sympa.
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01 avril 2008

Monday #4

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29 mars 2008

Love that kid

I could play it mysterious, use carefully chosen words but I am not good at that. No, the real problem is that (sorry I am translating here a French expression) I have my arse between two chairs. I know it is not very elegant but blow me it sums up the situation very well! So as a result the creation side of things is a bit slow but then again, I can't say my time is used up in a very constructive way instead. So, as a way around it I am showing you the fate of any shoe box that would dare entering our house.Je pourrais vous la jouer... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2008


* Work in progress whilst watching TV Am inprotante question: What do you do whilst watching TV in the evening (and I am not talking about naughty things!)? I personnaly cut skulls and crossbones. Une question importante: Que faites vous quand vous regardez la télé le soir (et je parle pas de trucs cochons!)?Alors moi personnellement je coupe des tètes de mort. And when I am bored with that, I knit. It is as you might have suspected impossible for me to just watch TV. What about you? Et quand je me lasse des tètes de... [Lire la suite]
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25 mars 2008

Good mother

Do I make a good mother when I steal chocolate egg form my children with the good intention to protect their health from eating too much chocolate? Yeah...I think so. New aprons hanging on my new hooks! The letters are made out of outgrown denim jeans. Suis-je une bonne mère quand je pique les œufs en chocolat de mes enfants avec le bonne intention de protéger leur santé de trop de chocolat? Oui....c'est ce que je pense aussi.Nouveaux tabliers accroches sur mes nouveaux porte manteaux! Les lettres sont faites avec des jeans... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2008


After months and months of drooling over Etsy, studying the way it works, making a few purchases.... it was time I had a go myself! So here it is, my very own Etsy shop! It is very easy to use, you just need a Paypal account (it's free to set up). Then all the prices are in dollars but it converts automatically on your credit card. Do you think I have sold it to you all right?!!! And this is selection you can find in it at the moment:Après des mois et des mois passes a baver sur les jolies choses vendues sur Etsy, des mois a étudier... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2008


I am not complaining no I am not but the weather is crap so out are our plans of big long walk and husband is ill (like a men i.e. in bed!). So.....I am doing the Easter weekend as a single mum (lots lots of respect to my single friends and all the others). But determined to have fun this is what we have done so far. Je ne me plains, non je ne me plains pas mais quand même le temps est pourri donc exit les longues promenades prévues  et  en plus petit mari est malade (comme un homme c'est a dire au lit!). ... [Lire la suite]
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19 mars 2008

Super Mercredi Kitsch 10 #

The theme for this mercredi kitsch was Easter treats. Here is my version: Le theme de ce mercredi kitsch etait gourmandises de Paques. Voici ma version: Rabbits for Easter, they could be chocolate rabbit or... rabbits with bacon and plums....Des lapins pour Paques, ils peuvent etre en chocolat ou.... lapin avec ddes lardons et des pruneaux....
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17 mars 2008

Monday #3

More projects for the school wall hanging:Encore des projets de l'ecole:If you look closely, the beads read: Loving and caring....aaahhhh!Si vous regardez de pres, les perles forment la phrase: Loving and caring... aaahhhh!
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16 mars 2008

Feeling green

I have been busy moving my sewing stuff to the spare room after 3 years in a corner of the living room. Well it started in the corner but quite quickly I was spreading everywhere.... and it wasn't possible anymore. I will take some photos but as usual I did things the wrong way around i.e. moving my stuff before painting (it is magnolia at the moment, not us, the previous owners!). So it needs painting, a roman blind for the window, a nice light, pretty pictures on the walls.... Well you get the picture. Should be my July project when... [Lire la suite]
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