15 janvier 2008

Ma maman a du talent

Moi c'est le tissu et ma maman les lampes. Celle ci etait une commande pour l'anniversaire de ma fille. Je voulais une fleur dans un pot. Elle adore. Merci maman! For me it's the fabric and for my mum lamps. This one was an order for my daughter's birthday. I wanted a flower in a pot. She loves it. Thanks mum!
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13 janvier 2008

Je delegue

My son decided that he would be in charge of the mosaique game for Fees Maison. Here is his work: Mon fils a decide qu'il allait se charger de la mosaique argent pour Fees Maison. Voila son travail:
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10 janvier 2008

Sorry for my absence, but i am still recovering from Christmas. Well, 20 people for 5 days meant that just under 500 plates were served....I am tired just to think about it. Needless to say that the house needed a major clean. And more sadly....my sewing machine is gone to for its annual pamper week at the sewing shop. I don't know how i'll cope. Anyhow, lots of projects for the coming year with a wish to take Apple Juice one level up. More on that soon. No craft to show but the views out of my window a few days ago. Desolee... [Lire la suite]
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31 décembre 2007

Christmas presents

It's over, it's was sssooo good. my dear husband calculated that we served about 500 platesin 5 days!!! Here a few presents I made (I forgot to photogragh the others...) C'est fini, c'etait ttteeeellleeeemment bien. Mon cher et tendre a calcule qu'on avait servi 500 assiettes en 5 jours!!! Voila quelques cadeaux que j'ai fait (j'ai oublie de prendre des photos des autres...)
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23 décembre 2007


I have finished all my christmas order!!! Champagne. These are the ones I can show you. And I have also finished the christmas presents I wanted to make but for obvious reasons, I'll show them to you after christmas! J'ai fini toutes mes commandes de noel!!! Champagne. La photo sont ceux que je peux monter. J'ai aussi fini les cadeaux de noel que je voulais faire. Pour des raisons evidentes, je vous les montre apres noel!
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22 décembre 2007

Nearly there

Do you remember my to do list? Well, I am proud to report that I am more or less on schedule which is a miracle. Well I was until last night when I wen to pick up my mum at the airport. She started by missing her plane so picking her up later meant that I missed out on a Christmas dinner then a lot worst happen. She came back to my place with the wrong suitcase. So this means no clotles or toiletries for her but most importantly none of the vital medication she needs to take every day... Joy, joy, joy. We have yet to locate the... [Lire la suite]
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20 décembre 2007

Tunique japonaise 3eme (et derniere...)

I made this tunique for my little one. Same pattern as the previous ones. What can I say? it works so why change? Anyway, my plan was that she could wear it at Christmas, you know like to impress the relatives! So I proudly show it to her and guess what she says? (anyone with a 4 year old can probably see it coming): But mummy, it's pretty and I don't like pretty, I want to look cool! Can you hear me cry?? Any one with a plan to convince the little miss to wear is welcome to come forward. Bribery and blackmail plans also accepted. ... [Lire la suite]
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16 décembre 2007

Getting ready

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. In a huge effort to make sure I was involving the kids, I decided that our house wouldn't be complete without a gingerbread house.... well minus the ginger because the kids don't like it. This should have been the hint telling me don't go there. Did I listen? NO of course. So this is the house...just before it completely collasped behond repair. Of course, by then the kids had also completely lost interest. Maybe won't do gingerbeard house next year! On se prepare pour noel. Tres... [Lire la suite]
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16 décembre 2007


Oh it's that time of the year...the nativity play. Coming from France the concept was completely alien to me. In french state school, you don't talk about religion as freely as here. It's the first one for my little one...and she is an angel. No comment on that one! She designed the wings. C'est le moment du spectacle de la nativite a l'ecole. Ce concepte m'etait complement etranger venant de l'ecole publique francaise! Ici, a l'ecole publique (state school pour ceux que ca interesse) l'education chretienne fait parti du programme.... [Lire la suite]
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10 décembre 2007


Ask me what I did Friday morning. Well I went to London to meet a french blogger (my first one!). We met here of course where else! And then we went for a cup of tea (sadly not in a real tea place... more like a chain of coffee shop not wanting to give names. Talking of which I think there are far too many of these around....but that's not the subject for today!). Anyway, and what did we do: chatted, chatted and chatted. We found out that we share similar values when it comes to family. She had brought some great presents for my kids... [Lire la suite]
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