29 septembre 2007

Minute culturelle

This year means homework for my big one so a pencil case to keep at home was ordered. He chose the fabrics. Le truc genial des ecoles publiques anglaises (a part l'uniforme mais ca c'est une autre histoire), c'est que cote fournitures scolaires on a RIEN a acheter, tout est fourni par l'ecole mais tout reste a l'ecole. Et cette annee mon grand commence a avoir des devoirs a faire donc il lui fallait une trousse a garder a la maison pour ses stylos a devoirs. Et la, la maman, elle est contente, elle va enfin pouvoir faire un petit... [Lire la suite]
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29 septembre 2007

Coussin d'anniversaire

Yes, another birthday, another cushions. The funny thing is that every time I make one as a present, someone sees it and I get an order for more. I think of it as the marketing cushion! Eh oui un autre anniversaire, une autre coussin. Le truc sympa c'est que a chaque fois que je fais un coussin a offrir, quelqu'un le voit et m'en commande d'autres. C'est le coussin marketing!
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27 septembre 2007


Following my previous post about my very messy working desk, Miss BBCreation decided to show us hers and to categorise the stule of mess. I'am definitely a BB and you? Post a photo of your sewing corner if you dare! And send me a ligne so I can have a nose. Apres mon post precedent sur le b@#&&@ de mon bureau couture, Miss BBCreation a decide de nous montrer le sien et de categoriser le style de rangement. Moi c'est definitivement BB et vous? Poste ton coin couture si t'es cape! Et envoyez moi un petit mot que je zeute.
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26 septembre 2007


We have a new inhabitant in our house. Her name is Lola (well, we think she is a girl ...). And my daughter made her a bed with the most precious thing she owes: Her softy. Well, that's before she trew the cat in the stairs... "well mum, you told me she wasn't allowed upstairs"... Nous avons un nouveau locataire chez nous. Elle s'apelle Lola (enfin, on pense que c'est une fille...). Et ma fille lui a fait un lit avec ce qu'elle a de plus cher: Son doudou. Enfin, c'etait avant qu'elle jette le chat dans les escaliers... "mais maman... [Lire la suite]
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26 septembre 2007


Right, the reason I have not been bloging recently is because I have nothing to show. Not that I am not working on anything (I am) but because I have started lots (too many) things and that they are ALL in a state of being unfinished. I do that all the time. I start something then I have another idea, so I start on that too (you know just in case the idea "escaped") etc, etc... Then, when the mess gets too much (i.e when I start losing things or when I shout at the kids to tidy their bedrooms and they point out at my desk...) I start... [Lire la suite]
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19 septembre 2007

Vilains canards

This is a commission for a very pregnant lady who wanted lavender sented ducks as a thank you present for the baby shower she is going to give soon. This is a more American tradition than an English one but it looks like it is catching here too. But as You can see there are very naughty indeed refusing to pose properly for the photo. C'est une petite commande d'une dame tres enceinte qui voulait des canards a la lavende pour remercier ces invites d'une "baby shower" (douche de bebe!!!) qu'elle va bientot avoir. C'est une... [Lire la suite]
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12 septembre 2007


Un petit mec bien sympa avait besoin d'un coussin pour son petit repos a l'ecole... A lovely little chap needed a cushion for his rest at school...
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12 septembre 2007


That's it, it's finished. Pattern modified to become a jumper rather than a wraparound, never mind. We are just waiting for the birth of the little one now. Ca y est il est fini. C'est plus tellement une brassiere mais plutot un pull mais c'est pas grave. On n'a plus qu'a attendre la naissance du petit.
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06 septembre 2007

Rainy day

This is what we did during a rainy day this summer. All you need is a photo and a bit of imagination... Un petit bricolo qu'on a fait pendant une journee moche cet ete. Deux ingredients: Une photo et de l'imagination...
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03 septembre 2007


This king of kindness, I did not even know it existed. We tried to do a swap but for obvious and very understandable reasons it did not happened. So this is what I received today from the very very talented Fanfreluche. I am spechless (and it does not happen very often!).I am so touched I could not explain it with words. She is returning to work after having a baby and we all know what it's like to separate from your baby the first time....I really wish her well and hope that she will manage to find the time (!) to carry on with her... [Lire la suite]
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