16 juillet 2007


I live in a very priviledge part of England where people can be a bit posh and conventionel. So when the music festival comes here it's party time for everybody. The town is then full of typical festival goers (well, it's very colourful) and it's a nice refreshing change from our everyday life. The minute you get in the festival, it's like entering a different universe where everyone is smilling and having fun. And boy, it's fun. J'habite dans un endroit tres privilegie en Angleterre ou les gens peuvent etre un peu bourgeois et... [Lire la suite]
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10 juillet 2007


Whilst I get myself together to do some more crafting (teachers' presents), here are some lovely books purchased recently. Although some of the projects are a bit obvious, the photography is really good and they are published by bloggers so they have to be supported. Pendant que je me reprend cote couture (prochain pojects: Les cadeaux des maitresses. Ici l'ecole finit dans 2 semaines), je vous montre des jolis livres achetes recement. Bien que certains des projets soient un peu bateau, la photography est sympa et ce sont des... [Lire la suite]
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10 juillet 2007


I seem to be in a time wrap. I thought it was July but obviously I got mistaken! Je semble etre perdu dans le temps. Je croyais qu'on etait en juillet mais visiblement c'est une erreur!
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05 juillet 2007


There a bit of my stall in the market. Crap photos due to crap weather (yes, it is raining like mad here as well!). I lost some stock due to the rain, people did not feel like browsing because of the awful weather (unlike last year when it was 30c and everyone would stop to chat and buy) and the marquee I had blew off because of the wind! Still managed to sell which is a bit of a miracle. Suddenly, Etsy seems like a very appealing idea! Un bout de mon stand sur le marche. Les photos sont pas geniales car le temps etait vraiment... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2007

More bits of fabric

Last attempt to make things for the market that I am doing which starts next weekend. So I probably won't be blogging much. But I'll post some photos of the stall as soon as I have some. Little girl bags to show you made with leftover bits of fabrics Derniere ligne droite avant le marche que je fais la semaine prochaine. Donc sans doute peu de blogging. Mais je vous montrerais les photos du stand que que j'en aurai. Je vous montre des sacs de petites filles fait avec des bouts de tissus
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18 juin 2007

Watch for pirates!

A little bit about my weekend: BBQ with friends with imported merguez. For those who don't about them, they are the most delicious spicy lamb sausages coming from the north of Africa. They are readily available everywhere in France but I have never found the real thing where I live in Britain. So when I go to france I stuff the cool bag with sausages and bring them back here to freeze ready for a BBQ (I know its very sad but oh so worth it!) Un petit mot sur mon week-end: Barbecue avec des copains avec des vrais merguez. Oui des... [Lire la suite]
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15 juin 2007

7 things

Ok tagued by les sept etoiles. I found this exercise difficult. Here we go: Taguee par les sept etoiles. Exercice tres difficile. Alons y: 1- Suffered from bad post natal depression with my second child (!)/J'ai eu une grosse depression post natale apres la naissance de mon deuxieme (!) 2- My kids speak to me in english dispite me speaking to them in french (the shame). /Mes enfants me parlent anglais (la honte) bien que je leur parlent francais! 3- I dont' know what NSP exactly stand for and also WIP Friday come to think... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007


What do you do when your little girl has outgrown her favourite pair of jeans? A little custo and voila a three quarter length pair of trousers. Homemade top with left over linen. Homemade pattern (which fits, I am very proud!) inspired by Vestiaire de Jeanne. Qu'est qu'on fait quand le jean prefere de votre fille est (vraiment) trop petit? Une petite custo et voila un pantacourt. Le haut est fait maison avec un reste de lin. Patron fait maison (et ca lui va, je suis tres fiere!) inspire de Vestiaire de Jeanne.
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11 juin 2007


A little tunique for a little lady who has just turned one. Pattern Citronille in Idee Bebe March 2004. Fabric Liberty. Une petite tunique pour une petite miss qui vient d'avoir un an. Patron Citronille dans Idee Bebe, mars 2004. Tissu Liberty.
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11 juin 2007


A parcel was waiting for me this morning. My first NSP! Not just one present but four! A necklace, a bracelet, a slide and a lovely fruit juice placemat. This lady As my weekend was the bearer of some bad news, you can't imagine how uplifting it was to receive this. Thank you. We can do it again whenever you want! Un paquet m'attendait ce matin. Ma premiere NSP! Pas juste une cadeau mais quatre! Un collier, un bracelet, um barette et un placemat fait de cartons de jus de fruit. Cette miss a beaucoup de talent. Comme mon week-end ne... [Lire la suite]
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