06 juin 2007

Wardrobe refashion

My post for wardrobe refashion Mon post pour wardrobe refashion Ingredients: Left over fabric from a different project Cheap t-shirt Fabric pencils A very talented artist Mix well and tah dah: Picasso, eat your heart out! (je sais pas traduire ca en francais, la honte!)
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06 juin 2007

Pois or pear

Are you spot or pear? Vous etes plutot pois ou poire?
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05 juin 2007

Beach bags

My panel of advisers (ok, my friends) has been complaining that I did not do beach bags (the enormous kind that can contain enough to survive on a desert island for a year). There even a little pocket for the bag so it stays warm in the winter months. So here we are: Mon equipe de conseillers (bon d'accord c'est mes copines) se plaignent que je ne fasse pas de sacs de plage (le genre enorme qui peut contenir de quoi survivre un an sur une ile deserte). Il y a meme un petite pochette pour que le sac soit bien au chaud pendant les... [Lire la suite]
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04 juin 2007

London Baby

A day in London last Saturday just for myself (no guilt as the kids had gone to their aunt for the night (Thanks Jane!). So I headed to Sheperds Bush market for a spot of fabric shopping (as you do). No very impressed by the market itself, load of tat and not much atmosphere (In that respect, I found Brixton market much better). However, in the adjacent Goldhawk Road there are about 10 fabric shops over 100 metres. I was in heaven. Rolls of fabrics everywhere for ALL taste. Similar story for the prices. It ranges from the expensive to... [Lire la suite]
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31 mai 2007

School holidays

Half term here so I am not being very crafty..but others are. I can't get to my craft room (ok, a corner of the kitchen) but others seem to have found the way. And I am very proud of what they have produced. C'est les vacances des enfants ici pour une semaine (bah oui leur annee scolaire finit que le 26 juillet, les pauvres!). Cela veut dire que ma production est...ridicule, par contre la leur est...interessante. Je n'ai plus acces a mon atelier (bon d'accord, le coin de ma cuisine) mais eux ils y sont alles. Et je suis tres fiere... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2007

Bonhomme patate

It had been on my "To do" for ages and finally I got aroud to doing it and I love the result, all credit to the artist! You need: A piece of art Small piece of white fabric Scraps of fabrics for the ruround Tracing paper Embroidery tread Trace the drawing on the tracning paper (you might need to enlarge or reduce the drawing first depending how enthusiast your artist is), then transfer the drawing on the fabric and embroidery the outline (i use a straightforward backstitch). Assemble as a cushion, et voila. There is a... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2007

Proud mummy

When I started this blog, me, myself and I decided that it would be mainly about craft but that I would be allowed to cover major life events of my little family. Well, this is it: My baby big girl can cycle on her own!!! Champagne. For some bizarre reason when I became a mum I always thought of the moment that I would teach them to ride a bike like it would be the ultimate thing, well there you are, I am very proud. Quand j'ai commence ce blog, moi toute seule avait decide que le suject principal serait mes petites creations mais... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2007


A little dress picked up at a car bootsales for nothing got "the treatment" Une petite robe achetee a une foire a tout pour rien du tout est passee par la machine a coudre! arrggh, je sais pas pourquoi mes photos ont le mal de mer. Si quelqun a une idee, help please
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24 mai 2007

Vintage bags

After the cushions, the bags. This remnant was not big so this is it. I am a bit sad because it is a very nice fabric. Nevermind, on to the next remant! Apres les coussins, les sacs. Ce coupon n'etait pas grand donc il n'en reste plus. Dommage car c'etait un bien joli tissu. Tant pis a moi le prochain coupon! Et pour finir un autre sac avec mes bouts de tissus de Kath Kidston To finish another bag with my Kath Kidston bits of fabric Sorry about the photos, I don't know how it happened and I don't know how to fix... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2007

Twirly top

I have this theory about patterns: A pattern being (in my opinion) quite expensive should be used at least twice to be worth it. So there you go, Butterick B4176 again but longer, fabric Liberty (sorry I don't know its little name). Sorry about the photos, my model was ina flippant mood and we were late for school! J'ai cette theorie sur les patrons: Un patron etant (mon opinion) assez cher, il doit etre utilise au moins 2 fois pour etre amorti. Donc voila, Butterick B4176 encore mais plus long, tissu Liberty (desolee, je connais... [Lire la suite]
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