03 mars 2015

And cut!

Well , it did not take me long to cut in the first fabric of my fresh pile, a Liberty .... Which is suprising because I normally have to stroke a Liberty for months before I have the courage to cut into it (and don't tell me you have never done that...!). But as it is a blend of cotton and wool it had to be cut quickly for the tunique to be worn whilst still cold. It is big as I am hoping it will still fit at the begining of next winter....one can hope... the girl grows sooo fast. As it is a very classic print , I thought that the... [Lire la suite]
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24 février 2015

Messy play

Lilly loooves messy play: paint, sand water....oh yes please. She was wearing an old apron of Juliette which, let say, had seen better days. So we now have a brand new waterproof apron made from a pattern of mine. The same pattern which I have used to make all her bibs because, you might not be surprised but she is also a very messy eater!! Lilly adooore les activites salissantes: peinture, sable, eau.... oh qu'elle aime. Elle portait jusqu'a present un vieux tabier de Juliette qui, disont, avait vu de meilleurs jours. Elle a donc... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2014

This and that

Time flies too quickly... So here is a little summary of what happened here: A cheeky weekend in Zagreb. Mr British was there on business and at the last minute I and Lilly went with him. Great time. Amazing markets and above all lovely, lovely people. And wondering the streets all day with a little one not old enough to moan about it....bliss. Le temps passe trop vite...Un petit resume de la vie ici: Un week-end improvise a Zagreb. Mr British y allait pour le travail et au dernier moment, je l'ai accompagne avec Lilly. Génial.... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2014


It has been a while hasn't it? Well let say that the summer was intense. Looking on my own after a 14 year old and 11 year old and a 1 and half year old for 4 weeks is...rather tough. Good times too of course, plenty of them but oh so tiring times. The little one is obsessed by the trampoline (which she calls deebeedee because it does not seem enough to absorb 2 languages so she invents a third one...) where she would spend all day but you can imagine that it is not the place where she can be left unsupervised... Anyway, creating time... [Lire la suite]
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08 juillet 2014

Princess dress!

When I am not sewing for the little one, I sew for the big one: A princess dress for my tomboy! She was Cinderella in her Y6 production. I really enjoy making it (althought I did not enjoy sewing the shinny acryliky fabric that she insisted on me buying...), and I think she secretly enjoyed wearing it... although she would never admit to it which I totally understand as she has a reputation to protect! Quand je ne couds pas pour la mini, je couds our la grande: Une robe de princesse pour mon garcon manque! Elle etait Cendrillon pour... [Lire la suite]
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23 juin 2014


Impossible de trouver un joli chapeau pour Lilly... Trop rose, trop de dentelle ou juste trop moche! Et la je tombe sur ce tuto et je me dit c'est juste ce qu'il me faut pour mon intrepide. Et le resultat me plait beaucoup beaucoup. Le tissu est Liberty et j'ai diminue la taille de la visiere. Impossible to find a summer hat for Lilly... Too pink, too much lace or just too ugly! Looking around on the net, I found the perfect tutorial for my fearless. And I very much love the result. The fabric is Liberty and I have shorten the visor.... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2014

Des fleurs

And suddenly I realised that Lilly only had ONE long sleeved tunique...imagine! So like a woman on a mission I set about to put this situation right. To speed things up I used the same pattern for both tuniques (Intemporels des enfants). The first one was cut into another tunique that had been given to Juliette who HATES tuniques (gathers and flowers being her worst mightmare) and the other was cut into a piece (small) of fabric given to me by a friend (only took me 1/2 hour to work out a way to fit all the patterns pieces on the... [Lire la suite]
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18 avril 2014

Des pois

Encore de la couture pour un bebe qui bouge tout le temps, qui ne parle pas mais qui s'est invente un language des signes bien rigolo et qui donc se fait comprendre sans probleme. More sewing for my "always on the move" baby, who does not speak but has invented a serie of sign languages which we find really funny and as a result she has no prblem being understood.    
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30 octobre 2013

des lapins, des lapins...

I realise that my last post was a little sad... So when Lilly allows me (she is VERY mobile!), I sew for the two craft markets that I co-organise. And (at last) I have finished this little series of Liberty rabbits. Je m'apercois que ce blog etait reste sur une note un peu tristoune... Quand Lilly m'en laisse le temps (elle galope sec maintenant!), je couds pour les deux marches artisanaux que je co-organise. Et je viens (enfin) de finir cette petites serie de lapins Liberty.
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25 juillet 2013

Fun day

A few week ago before breaking up, all 240 kids of my daughter's school went signing in the High Street dressed up. This year the theme was: The weater. Thing 2 wanted to go as the rain. Challenge acepted! Tutorial for the hat found here Il y a quelques semaines avant les vacances, les 240 enfants de l'ecole de Thing 2 sont alles chante dans le centre ville deguises. Cette annee le theme etait: Le temps. Thing 2 voulait etre la pluie. Encore un chouette challenge! Tuto du chapeau pluie ici  
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