19 février 2007

The bag that was in my head

Ages ago, there was this woman in the street with a fantastic bag. The picture of it has been stored somewhere in my head all that time, and FINALLY, today I got to make my version of what I saw. And for once, it turned out just about how I had pictured it! Which is a bit satisfying. Il y a longtemps, j'ai vu dans la rue une dame avec un super sac. Je l'ai photographie quelque part dans ma tete pendant tout ce temps et ENFIN, aujourd'hui, j'ai pu faire ma version. Et pour un fois, je suis assez contente du resultat..... ... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2007


Not much crafting done because of the holidays of my little ones. But instead, lots of baking, cuddling, drawing, inventing and...some serious dancing. It that called happiness? C'est les vacances, donc pas beaucoup de couture mais a la place, plein de calins, de cuisine, de dessinage, d'inventions et surtout ... dance a gogo. C'est ca le bonheur ou quoi?
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12 février 2007

Crafting with kids

Ingredients: T-shirt pencils Bits of fabrics Talented artist Et voila...
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12 février 2007


Pour toutes les accros du Liberty qui peut etre passe par ici. J'habite assez pres de Londres ou je vais regulierement. Si vous etes plusieurs a vouloir du tissu, si vous passez commande, je paut facilement fair un tour " a la source" et faire des envois..... Serieux. L'autre solution c'est le patch anti-Liberty! Mais ca serai bete!
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11 février 2007

Little project

Do you know what, I was sitting having dinner and thinking of the post that I would write tonight, and it very witty and funny... Then, I sit in front of the computer and blank... Can't remember my funny post. How annoying, it's always like that, I write beautiful, touching, funny letters to loved ones .... in my head! At this point please don't be alarmed, I am quite normal, well, as normal can be, I just can't write to save my life ... on paper or on a screen. Anyway, this was my Sunday lunch today... Lovely Sunday spread... [Lire la suite]
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09 février 2007

No, I am not broody

Last saturday, I was doing this market and I always like to take a little project while waiting for customers. As the sewing machine is not very practical, it's always knitting. The funny thing about knitting is that I always have a little bit of stage fright before embarking on a new project: is it too complicated, will I understand the instructions..... Especially, when the instructions come from Marie Claire Idees where I always find that they are a bit mean when It comes to instructions! So, anyway, I made it! Here it is ... [Lire la suite]
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07 février 2007

Favourite blogs

Sorry about all the typos in my first post, I was so nervous that I did not re-read what I had written. But then come to think of it I never do, nervous or not! So I guess you might have to put up with it. Today, I wanted to carry on with my tour of my favourite blogs to include someone who from what she is writing seems to be a very sensitive lady (in a nice way!) and I often myself wanting to be her friend but that would be weird! Oh and her crafting is beautiful, go and see her at Tree Fall Apres en France il y a celui Lola... [Lire la suite]
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04 février 2007

It's a bit scary

Well, believe it or not, a few months ago I was blog virgin (don't laugh). I kind of knew they existed but I never thought that There might be something in it for me. What a discovery! Needless to say I am hooked. Where I live, in the heart of one of the richest region in the UK, crafting is not that common: why making something that you can buy, why mending something you can trow away! So, this is where I found you guys! THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE LIKE ME and even loads!! So as a little thank you, these are the first blogs I found: Tiny... [Lire la suite]
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