15 mars 2008

Who to support???

Daddy supports Wales, mummy France. And the children? Papa supporte le Pays de Galles et maman la France. Et les enfants? Don't laugh at my Welsh flag! Trust them to have a very complicated one!Bon d'accord, mon drapeau gallois est nul. Parceque evidement, leur drapeau est tres complique!
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10 mars 2008

Monday #2

What's amazing about children is that they only need to brainstorm for 5 minutes to come up with great ideas. Ce qui est genial avec les enfants c'est qu'ils ont besoin de reflechir que 5 minutes avant qu'avoir des superbes idees.I love this one but it might need a bit of explaining: Tow boys play football, one looses his leg (!) and the other one gives his leg back to him because that's courtesy and consideration!J'adore celui la mais il a peut etre besoin d'une explication: Deux garcons jouent au foot l'un perd sa jambe (!) et... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2008


Two orders I have had recently to show you. A pair of cushions (the brief was: "you know, can you put together fabrics that don't match". Yes I think I can do that!) and a laundry bag for a little baby.Other than that big walk in the wood between the showers. The children are dirty and happy and the parents are tired and happy. Have a good Sunday!Deux commandes recentes a vous montrer. Une paire de coussins (les instructions:" tu sais est ce que tu peux mettre sur les coussins des tissu qui vont pas ensemble? Oui je... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2008


School here is very democratic, even the book bags are the same for everyone, hence frequent confusion between my kids' ones. Because I am French and therefore rebel (!) we decided the bookbags should be customised to be instantly recognisable.L'ecole c'est democratique ici. Meme le cartable est le meme pour tout le monde, d'ou echange regulier de cartable entre mes enfants. Donc la francaise rebelle (!) que je suis a decide qu'une petite custo etait indispensable aux cartavles pour les reconnaitre.
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06 mars 2008

New bags

A batch of new bags in preparation for my summer market. If you are interested leave a comment! Quelques nouveaux sacs pour mon marche cet ete. Si vous etes interesses laissez un commentaire!
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03 mars 2008


For a while I have been busy with a school project. Every Monday, I go to school to do some sewing with kids aged 4 to 11. They have a school rule which they are illustrating in a sewing piece to form a big hanging.     "Everyone must act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times"I love it! I will show you my favourite pieces every Monday.Depuis quelques temps, j'anime un atelier couture dans l'ecole des mes enfants. Chaque lundi, je vais a l'ecole coudre avec des enfants ages de 4 a 11 ans. Ils ont... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2008

Book for children

Miss Leisure Life was complaining (well she was having a little moan!) about English kid literature. I actually think (only a personnel opinion) that English kids books are more fun than the French one and believe me I spend a lot of time in French bookshops trying to find books for my kids. The thing is (again it's just my opinion), I find French books (I am not talking about translations here) very serious. So anyway, as promised, I made a little compilations of our favourite books here. In no particular order: Miss  Leisure... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2008


Today, February the 18th, my daughter went to the park with a summer skirt, leggings and one of her brother's old Petit Bateau vest.....And I found that pretty cool. No way a few years back I would have said that. As well as the fact that despite the blue sky it was freezing cold. The French in me should be outraged...but not any more. Lots British kids are out in the winter wearing next to nothing compared to French standard and you know what? They are not anymore ill. If anything probably less. So I say go girl!I have also... [Lire la suite]
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18 février 2008

Ugly corners of my home!

An idea from miss Sept Etoiles...The little corners of our house that we'd rather forget!!In my house it's leftovers of the previous owners' obsession with gold....The door handles are nothing compared to all the woodwork painted gold.... Une idee de miss Sept Etoiles.....Les recoins de notre maison qu'on prefererai oublier!!!Chez moi c'est les restes d'une obsesion du dore des proprietaires precedant...Les poignees de porte c'est rien a cote de toutes les boisures qui ete peintes dorees...
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17 février 2008

The sac

I go into town and I see a bag I really like, well I like the shape but the colour is boring. So what do I do? I study the bag carefully (just short of drawing it in front of the shop assistant!) and I walk out of the shop minus the bag (very annoyed shop assistant!). I then run home to make the bag with the colours I like. Love it. The bag comes at the right time because next week I go to France by train and really one has to travel with a nice new bag! I think I may need a nice toiletry bag............Je vais en ville et je vois un... [Lire la suite]
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